1. Research

The latest advancements in nuclear engineering research: what is needed, what is done.

2. Communicate

Problems and solutions are presented in a simple manner for the general public.

3. Develop

Digital content has the aim of increasing awareness of nuclear technology while having fun.

4. Deliver

We are going to release simple e-books, infographics and applied research reports. Follow us!

About - What is Nuclear Research .net?

Nuclear Research .net will follow the 10 most critical problems in nuclear engineering research: what is needed and why, what is expected and when, what is done. CAE studies for Generation IV power plants and space applications will be produced. Edutainment digital content will be released in the form of e-books and podcasts. Nuclear Research .net is not affiliated with any private or public institution.

Updates are taken from the media releases of the main players in the field. At the end of the year, they are summarised into one e-book with internet references for own consultation. Critical areas covered: costs, current and prospective designs, radiation control, waste and reprocessing, extreme events, non-energy applications, space. Authored content for business customers is provided on request.

Author: Dr Giuseppe Cornacchia holds a PhD in Materials Science (Jan 2013), an MSc in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors (Dec 2007) and a five-years Masters' degree equivalent in Nuclear Engineering (Mar 2003). He works as an independent applied researcher and digital entrepreneur.

C.A.E. Studies - Generation IV and space applications

Nuclear Research .net aims to give a contribution to Generation IV research and development and to space applications. In particular, we will investigate and model prospective components and layouts making use of virtual prototyping and probabilistic design.

Example #1 - Details coming soon

Example #2 - Details coming soon

Free packages used locally: Salome-MECA 2015.2 (Code Aster) for Linux and Calculix 2.8 for Windows. Cloud simulation services: Rescale.com. Updates and examples will follow. If interested in knowing more, please drop an e-mail at info@NuclearResearch.net.

Digital Content - E-books

#2 (January 2015) - 10 trends for nuclear in 2015

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Written in a simple language to keep it short and clear, this e-book is going to present the trends and the latest advancements in the nuclear industry, as they happened in 2014. Ten areas are covered. The aim is to provide an informed summary together with 130 selected internet references for own consultation. A general knowledge of the energy industry is needed to appreciate the effort.

Available on Amazon for PCs and Kindle devices --- Click here to buy!!
#1 (April 2014) - 10 Critical Problems in Nuclear Engineering 2014

BOOK DESCRIPTION: The 10 most critical problems in nuclear engineering and how researchers are trying to solve them: what is needed and why, what is expected and when, what is done. Topics: lowering costs, current fission plants, future fission plants, fusion state of art, waste and reprocessing, radiation control, proliferation control, countering extreme events, non-energy applications, space engines. Written in a simple language to keep it short and clear. 10 reliable and up-to-date internet references provided for each topic.

Available on Amazon for PCs and Kindle devices --- Click here to buy!!

Edutainment Mobile Games

#1 - Nuclear Scroller for iOS was released in July 2014.

Nuclear-themed 2D infinite scroller with fancy powerups, nice sounds, Game Center with two Leaderboards (go as far as you can in one run or finish all 8 missions in the least time). Collect / buy and use the revive powerup to make your run longer. Use shield, blast and extra-speed powerups to make your quest easier and complete missions faster. Enjoy!

Stunt ended with 2015, game discontinued. Thanks for playing!

Authored Content for Business Customers

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